Scawn Studios, Plumtree Farm Liskeard, Cornwall PL14 4QS
United Kingdom

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Laura Lane

For hundreds of years we have used stories and imagination (and a little magic) to help us understand and explain the world around us. Folklore and myth teach us of our morality and of good and evil. The art of storytelling is a craft in itself. Often when we see people talking, we observe the body language as much as we listen to what they actually saying. Many people ‘talk with their hands’. This as far as I am concerned is what makers do. Any maker. We express some of our innermost feelings through the made object. As we already know the use of religious art has been used for hundreds of years to communicate stories and events, pre historic cave paintings, greek pots have all been used as a method to communicate.
When looking at ideas surrounding identity, especially with rural locations and folklore as a subject, it can be very easy to get drawn into the historical sense of past and old traditions, but the present is equally important and I feel that a contemporary sense of belonging and cultural identity is harder in many ways to define as its very subjective.



Ethical Thinking


Using local, fairly traded and ethical materials. I use a stoneware clay from Newdowns Sand and Clay Pits. Clay has been dug here in a shallow pit for hundreds of years (pre medieval times). Located right beside the Cornish headland of St Agnes, the clay captures the wildness and is a pleasure to work with.


Cornwall’s historical past is very much intertwined with fishing and mining, the moors and the sea. People and place sit side by side and have long created site specific narratives that are passed down through the generations.


The connection that folklore has with the landscape creates a wealth of stories relating to the physical landscape that we inhabit. The mountains and hills, rivers and streams, natural springs, pools and lakes as well as rocks and stones.


Laura Lane 2014

Site Specific

The landscape offers us an insight into the past, particularly here in the South West. The evidence of ancient lives, industry, old mines and disused quarries scatter the Cornish moorland. The fishing ports and harbours again reflect the importance of our landscape upon the everyday.



All of my work is  made and fired using renewable green energy sources.